I’m going to Poland!

Cześć! Hello!

Why, amidst reading assignments, papers, and projects this semester, would I find myself listening to Polish radio stations, scrutinizing Google Translate, and trying my hand and making gołąbki?

Because I’m going to Poland!

Last year I took my first trip out of the US to serve in Poland at a Christian youth camp where we were tasked with helping students improve their conversational English skills. Our team was comprised of several other Davis students, our professor, Dr. Douglas Blanc, who has travelled to Poland numerous times and lived their for two years with his family, Scott Jacobs, a musician and evangelist with Commandment 11 Ministries, and a Polish student named Zbyszek whose videography skills were a great help and blessing.

It was an adventure unlike any other, and I was thrilled to be immersed in the culture and language. The camp was a huge success, and it was a joy getting to know the amazing students that attended. Brilliant and curious, the students wanted to know everything from what the weather is like in the States to what our thoughts were on the then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. More importantly, in light of their drastically changing world, this generation of students is hungry for answers. They showed great interest in the material of our Bible discussions and chapel times. While the nation has made enormous progress since liberation from Communist control, materialism has presented itself as a particularly appealing vice. Roman Catholicism is also an integral part of society, but in a post-Christian Europe, many are struggling to find their own identities within a shifting nation, politically, economically, philosophically, and religiously.

This summer I will be going to Poland with my professor and other Davis students to serve at a summer camp for at-risk and crisis youth. The dates of the trip will be approximately June 30 to July 14. Once we arrive in Poland, we will be traveling to the camp, which will span a week. The rest of our time will be devoted to meeting with nationals, and our professor has also allowed for time to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum. As part of my cross-cultural education in the Intercultural Ministries Program at Davis College, this mission trip will be counted as internship credit required for my graduation.

The cost of the trip is estimated at $2300 for airfare, housing, food, and miscellaneous expenses. I have been overwhelmingly blessed to see God provide in ways I never expected before, and I trust him to continue to provide. If you feel led, I ask that you would prayerfully consider donating to Laborers Together Ministries to enable me to pursue this ministry opportunity. You can do so by visiting Foothills Christian Life Center or through a check addressed to:

Laborers Together

10 5th Ave.

Gloversville, NY 12078

I ask that you would pray for myself and our team as we prepare, and also for the students we will meet at the camp. Pray for my team and me, that our eyes would be set on eternity, and our hearts would be set on those we are going to serve, and that we would remain flexible and gracious in an unfamiliar setting. Pray also for the students, that they would be receptive to the gospel, and that we could build connections with them that open doors to discussion and discipleship.

My hope is to update this site regularly with progress reports and prayer requests as we prepare for our trip, so check back soon for more information on the trip. Thank you for your prayer and support!

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