My name is Emily Musselwhite. I currently study Intercultural Ministries at Davis College, a small Bible college focused on ministry training and preparation. As part of my internship credit, I created this blog to document my journey as I prepare for several ministry opportunities during the summer of 2017.

I am by no means an expert theologian or an avid travel blogger. My hope is to document the process as I prepare for ministry and reflect on what God is showing me along the way. I am excited to share this adventure with you, and hope that you will be encouraged by the Holy Spirit’s work in my life. While this blog is intended to keep me accountable, I would also like it to be edifying for myself and readers. As we together strive to deepen our relationship with our Savior, my hope is that my faith as well as yours would be augmented as we reflect on his unending grace.

In Christ,


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