The New Neverland: Why We Never Grow Up

At one point or another, most of us have seen or read the adventures of Peter Pan. In the exciting world of Neverland, Peter Pan never gets old, and his adventures can continue indefinitely. We’ve been conditioned to idealize this model for our lives. We worship youth to the degree that we never want to grow up ourselves. Only in our case, perpetual youth isn’t as exciting as it is in Neverland; it’s plain childish. Continue reading The New Neverland: Why We Never Grow Up

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The Hope We Don’t Want

In one of his sermons, Dr. Dino Pedrone – a pastor and the president of Davis College in New York State – gave five things that hope involves in regards to believers. It occurred to me that hope has become another overused cliché for many of us. It’s been made into cute bumper stickers and flowery decorations we hang around our homes with vague, ambiguous sayings about hoping for something better down the road. We often ignore the very real implications of hope, and this is why I’m adding one more thing to Dr. Pedrone’s list. Continue reading The Hope We Don’t Want

Speak Responsibly: 5 Tips for Taming Your Tongue

Words carry more power than we often realize. Our tongues, when used rightly, can bring joy, comfort, and encouragement. When used flippantly they can become weapons of destruction. Here are some guidelines for using our words to speak life into those around us. Continue reading Speak Responsibly: 5 Tips for Taming Your Tongue

The Reality of Spiritual Warfare

The topic of spiritual warfare has typically been relegated to that slightly odd brand of pastors who see angels and demons behind every common occurrence. We have been conditioned to think nothing more of it than a fairy tale we once read as children, yet even at this moment an intense battle is being waged. Are you equipped to handle whatever Satan throws your way? Continue reading The Reality of Spiritual Warfare

Carnal Christians and Centaurs

The idea of a “carnal Christian” has gained popularity in the church today. Whereas “spiritual Christians” are expected to live pious, sin-free lives, carnal Christians go on living as they did before their conversion. Unlike the lost, however, they get the free perk of getting into heaven. As comforting as this might be to some, it has no foundation in Scripture, and lures many into a false sense of security. Continue reading Carnal Christians and Centaurs