Privacy policy

These policies are intended to protect the privacy of the user and readers and may be subject to change.

Any personal information provided (including but not limited to name, email, or mailing address) will not be sold or published.

By commenting on any given publication, the reader assumes responsibility for any personal information they choose to reveal in their comment(s), and acknowledge that this can be seen publicly. They thereby accept the risks associated and absolve the user of responsibility for how the information may be used by third parties.

Using the contact form allows readers to privately contact the user. No information contained therein will be published without the sender’s consent.

The comment section is intended for open discussion and sharing pertinent information. Abuse of this feature may result in the deletion of the violator’s comment(s), and repeated offenses may result in temporarily or permanently blocking the violator from posting future content.

Abuse of the comment feature includes, but is not limited to: profanity, offensive language, overtly negative or critical language that may impede positive and free-flowing discussion, comments or links unrelated to the topic under discussion, posting links without first obtaining permission from the user, or solicitation. The user reserves the right to monitor and delete comments with or without explanation.


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